Paternity and DNA Testing

Our mission here in Harrisburg and surrounding communities is to provide an economical alternative to manage your health in today’s complex medical, social and political world.

harrisburg-blood-test-lab20-1-300x200 Paternity and DNA Testing

For proof of Paternity or DNA evidence, we are here to help. We provide documented proof supporting you and which may aid you legally in your cause. With our tests, you may be able to avoid paying costly child support or in contrast, obtain child support for children.

We understand there are many today that do not have health insurance. We also realize that those that do have some sort of health insurance have so high a deductible that it defeats the purpose of having insurance at all. This is why we offer low cost medical testing, skipping the need to visit and pay your doctor. For most of your medical testing needs, you will not need a doctor’s order to request your blood work. We also take your privacy seriously, results will come directly to you.